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Bolted Cover Safety Closure

Bolted Cover Safety Closure

Typical 'Bolted Cover Safety Closure'.

See Bolted Cover Safety Closure page for more details.

Bolted Cover Basket Filter

Bolted Cover Basket Filter

Bolted Cover Basket Filter.

See Bolted Cover Basket Filters page for more details.

Data Sheets
Basket Filter Technical Data Sheets

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All data within these Technical Data sheets is updated on a regular basis, however, due to our policy of continual improvement we reserve the right to amend details without prior notice. Should you intend to use these data sheets for manufacturing purposes, please contact our sales department for confirmation at the time of order.

150LB Rating Large Bore Cast Basket Filter C/S

Format : .pdf
File Size : 685 KB

Download Data Sheet.

150LB Rating Large Bore Cast Basket Filter S/S

Format : .pdf
File Size : 671 KB

Download Data Sheet.

600LB Rating Bolted Cover Mono Basket Filter

Format : .pdf
File Size : 173 KB

Download Data Sheet.

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