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Backwash Filters
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Duplex Skid Filter Package

Duplex Skid Filter

Typical Duplex Skid Filter Package.

See Duplex Skid Filter Package page for more details.

Backwash Filter
Skid Package

Backwash Cleaning System

Typical Backwash Cleaning System.

Backwash Filters
Backwash Skid Package

Duplex Skid Filter Package

Barton Firtop can supply fully automated systems, individually designed to address our Clients specific and special applications.

Many of these systems have been supplied to major companies, receiving numerous commendations for their innovative design and application in solving the Clients problems.

To demonstrate our claim, we detail a typical system with a shortlist of its unique features, including:-

1000:1 Filter area ratio providing high dirt loading capacity.

Pleated, backwashable filter elements for economy of space.

Back-flush utilising compressed air for integral air receiver.

Fully automated control using PLC (Programmable Logic Control).

Filtration with self-cleaning action down to 2 micron.

Automatic air elimination after cleaning cycle.

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Backwash Filter