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Flame Arresters

End-of-line Flame Arrester

End-of-line Deflagration Flame Arrester.

See End-Of-Line Deflagration page for more details.

In-Line Deflagration
Flame Arresters

In-line Deflagration Flame Arrester

In-line Deflagration Flame Arrester(eccentric design).

See In-Line Deflagration page for more details.

In-Line Detonation
Flame Arresters

In-line Detonation Flame Arrester

In-line Detonation Flame Arrester.

See In-Line Detonation page for more details.

Endurance Burning
Flame Arresters

Endurance Burning Flame Arrester

Endurance Burning Flame Arrester.

Flame Arresters - Endurance Burning

End-Of-Line Deflagration | In-Line Deflagration | In-Line Detonation

Barton Firtop Engineering Company Limited are the UK & International Agents for the complete range of KITO© flame arresters to ISO 16852 and associated safety devices. KITO© equipment is of European manufacture and is in full compliance with all the latest ATEX and ENrequirements for CE marking.

Main Product Line:

End-of-line, Deflagration Proof.

End-of-line - Short & Long Burning Proof.

In-line flame arrester, Deflagration Proof.

In-line flame arrester, Detonation Proof.

Pressure and Vacuum relief valves.

Endurance Burning:
KITO© ventilation hoods are fittings which allow for a continuous exchange of gas with the atmosphere and protect the venting apertures on tanks, containers and pipes.

The ventilation hood allows for the unimpeded flow of air into the container and gases out to relieve dangerous internal pressure. The ingress of rain and dirt into the venting aperture is prevented by an acrylic glass cover incorporating a fine mesh filter screen, metallic covers are also available.

In the event of a fire the acrylic glass cover will burn without leaving any residue. The metallic cover will open, enabling the high temperature created by the burning product vapour/air mixture at the flame arrester element to escape to atmosphere. The KITO© flame arrester element simultaneously provides constant and reliable protection against any flashback into the container. KITO© flame arresters fulfill the stringent requirements for endurance burning safe arresters.

Special Features:

CE marked to ISO 16852 / EN 12874.

ATEX Certified.

Low cost range for Group 1 Gas.

Very Competitive Designs.

Low Pressure Losses.

Easy Maintenance.

Competitive Spares.

Download Flame Arrester Technical Data Sheets.

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