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Self Cleaning Filters
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Gravity Sand Filter

Gravity Sand Filter

Automatic Gravity Sand Filter. (Double Bed Version)

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Self Cleaning Filters
Self-Cleaning Filter

Self-Cleaning Filter

'Kleerflo' - Self-cleaning Filter.

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Self Cleaning Filter
'Kleerflo' - Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter

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The Kleerflo self-cleaning filter is designed to remove suspended solids from water utilising an integral backwash system. It can be supplied in a wide range of pipeline sizes, flow rates and element apertures.

A unique control system, which can be electrically or pneumatically operated, allows for automatic backwashing of the filter elements. The backwashing cycle can be initiated by pressure differential, by a timer, an external command or manually. Actuation for backwashing can be achieved utilising either compressed air or the water line pressure where this is above 200kPa. (2 Bar).

Principle of Operation
Contaminated water entering at the filter inlet is allowed to pass freely through the tubular filter elements (B), which consist of stainless steel inverted wedge wire wound spirally onto support bars and with a pitch that defines the aperture & hence the size of suspended particles that are retained. The filtered water exits at the outlet flange.

When the filter is dirty, water flow is restricted and the pressure differential `between the inlet & outlet increases. By fitting a differential pressure switch, which is fed from both inlet & outlet pressures, the degree of dirt in the filter can be determined. A micro-switch energises the control system which automatically backwashes the filter elements.

Backwash is achieved by simultaneously sealing the water inlet to the filter element (A) & opening the top of the element to the backwash outlet. This causes a reversal of flow on the element being backwashed with filtered water from the other element(s) passing from the outside to the inside of the element lifting the contaminate & discharging it through the backwash outlet to atmosphere. After a pre-set time the element is re-opened at the inlet and sealed at the backwash outlet.

On completion of this operation the control system causes the backwash operation to be carried out on each of the other filter elements with a suitable dwell period between each element backwashing to allow for system recovery. A minimum of two elements is always fitted into a filter so that during backwashing a minimal flow loss is achieved.

Units are available for flowrates up to 4,000m3/hr with line sizes up to 700mm & can be manufactured in a variety of materials & codes.

Features and Advantages:
Minimum of moving parts & minimum wear.
Minimum maintenance required.
Minimum flow loss & interruption during backwash.
Minimum wasted backwash water.
Compact design - minimal installation space.
Can be installed in any position/orientation.
Screening elements are easily accessed.
Easy alteration of operating parameters.
Wide range of screening apertures available.
Easy installation into existing pipework.

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