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150-300LB Q/R Basket

150-300LB Quick Release Basket Strainer

150-300LB Quick Release Basket Strainer.

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Bolted Cover Basket

Bolted Cover Basket Strainer

Typical 'Multi-basket' Basket Strainer(Davit optional extra).

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Fabricated Basket

Fabricated Basket Strainer

Stainless Steel Fabricated Basket Strainer complete with Optional Davit.

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600LB Q/R Basket

600LB Quick Release Basket Strainer

600LB Quick Release Basket Strainer.

Bag Filter Housing

Bag Filter Housing

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600LB Quick Release Basket Strainers

150-300LB Q/R Basket | Bolted Cover Basket | Bag Filters | Fabricated Basket

The 600LB Basket Strainer, also known as Mono-in-line Strainer, is designed for the efficient removal of solid/foreign material from flowing liquids & gases.

Our 600LB Quick Release range of Basket Strainers are manufactured to PED/97/23/EC with end connections machined to recognised International Standards such as ASME B16.5.

Advantages of 600LB Q/R Basket Strainers
Debris contained in basket
Quick Release closure for easier maintenance
Larger filtration area/Dirt holding capacity

Barton Firtop's Basket Strainers offer a LARGER filtration area than similar strainers on the market, ensuring minimal pressure loss, improved flow-rates & greater dirt holding capacity, leading to longer service/ maintenance intervals.

Extensive Ex-Stock Availability
The following ranges are available ex-stock:

Connection Type
Size (NB)
Ratings Available
Cast Carbon Steel
Flanged RF
1" to 6"
ASME B16.5,
Class 600LB
Cast Stainless Steel
Flanged RF
1" to 6"
ASME B16.5,
Class 600LB

View 150-300LB Q/R Basket Strainers available from stock.

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Special Item Availability:
Basket Strainers are available from Barton Firtop, manufactured to order with a number of specialised requirements, often utilising ex-stock castings: -

Special levels of NDE and material testing can be performed
All exotic and non standard material ranges can be achieved

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