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Norman Filter Elements

Norman Filter Elements

Replacement Elements.

See Replacement Norman Filter Elements page for more details.

Seals & Gaskets

Typical Seals and Gaskets

Typical Seals and Gaskets.

See Replacement Seals and Gaskets page for more details.

Screens & Baskets

Replacement Screens & Baskets

Replacement Screens and Baskets

Replacement Elements | Replacement Seals and Gaskets

Barton Firtop Engineering Company Limited hold a large stock of spare screens and baskets to suit our standard stock equipment. To ensure correct and continuing operation only genuine Barton Firtop spares should be replaced into our strainers.

Spares Screens/Baskets available from Stock

Screens to suit Flanged Y-Type Strainers. (150-600LB).

Screens to suit Screwed Y-Type Strainers.

Baskets to suit Flanged Basket Strainers. (150-300LB).

The above are available ex-stock with a choice of Dia. 3mm perf plate or overlayed with a 40 mesh, manufactured in Stainless Steel 316.

Other mesh sizes are available to order.

Spare Screens/Baskets available to order

Screens to suit Y-Types 900LB and above.

Baskets to suit Mono Strainers 600LB and above.

Sieves to suit Bathtub Strainers/Fabricated Y-Type Strainers.

Screens/Baskets manufactured to customer specifications.

Spare Parts Lists available upon request.

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Telephone: +44 (0)1527 831644.